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My Story


Shannon Winter is following her heart and doing what comes naturally as she assists men, women and children with access to a healthy lifestyle and productive eating habits. Her approach to natural wellness, called “On 4 Life”, focuses on mentoring a platform of clean living and good eating habits that last a lifetime.  “On 4 Life” stands for Optimal Nutrition 4 Longevity Integrating Food Energy. The 4 references the following 1)Ingesting, 2)Digesting, 3)Eliminating and 4)Cleansing/Fasting.  At age 40+ Shannon is the picture of health. She and her family are role models for lifelong vitality. Being in tune with today’s nutritional needs for families that want sustainable health is what sets Shannon apart from the standard nutrition counselor. With Shannon, clients learn how to listen to their body and respond with strategies to achieve ideal weight, a youthful appearance and avoid ailments that are caused by nutrition deficiencies.  


Shannon’s certification from Penn Foster College in Sports Fitness and Nutrition Counseling is at the root of her mind-body-spirit approach to good health. That plus a lifetime of research and reading about natural health, nutrition and her family’s experience living well has given birth to the “On 4 Life” program.  Sharing her personal experience and providing hands on learning and support to ensure that the concepts and techniques of holistic nutrition and wellness become a daily part of life.  Shannon’s customized approach to healthy eating incorporates the uniqueness of each client’s lifestyle, metabolism and current health to achieve their natural body weight. She is an expert in training people to listen to their bodies as they determine the best balance of nutrition, exercise and spiritual enrichment.  


Her home base is a quaint studio in Society Hill.  The Sacred Space, as it is called, embraces the whole human being in an aura of serenity.  Here Shannon addresses the spirit as a Reiki Practitioner and licensed Hypnotherapist.  She is completely in tune with her environment and promotes a relaxing and holistic experience in the studio which included Reiki, guided imagery sessions, and nutrition counseling.  From her home to yours, Shannon will cover every aspect of healthy eating from food selection and purchase to food preparation and storage for maximum nutritional benefit.


With a professional chef for a mom, cooking has always been a staple in Shannon’s home.  Her combined passion for cooking since age 11 with an extensive knowledge about natural health makes her the perfect guide for people who want to make the most of their diet.  The program is customized based on a thorough assessment of a client’s current habits and in-depth interviews to determine their mindset and intention.  Dispelling food myths and time honored beliefs about diet, Shannon’s mind-body-spirit approach begins with what people think and how they feel about eating.  This preparation enables her to set up a powerful transformation for the body.


Cleaning up diet does even more for a body than weight management, it promotes healthy hair, skin and musculature.  A glowing complexion is a great bonus and revitalizes appearance.  Shannon’s background as a licensed esthetician is a plus in this area.  She is a spokesperson for the Cancer Foundation for Personal Wellness focusing on the healthy recovery and self esteem of cancer patients.  Shannon is an advocate for renewed vitality and restored beauty after this devastating battle robs survivors of their former skin tone and condition.  Her support of people recovering from cancer speaks volumes about the capacity of Shannon’s heart.  Bringing it all together for clients is Shannon’s mission.  Vitality, health and well being abound with this local asset.