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Ok, let's talk food and my perception of consumption and absorption.   Remember everyone used to repeat the drum beat of, "you are what you eat," and though we were very close, the fact is, you are what your body absorbs.   Hence the gluten free phase.  In fact, I believe we are all just light but we can get to that another time, so for now let's concentrate on fresh "vibrant" clean foods.  




My background in food starts in my mother's kitchen.  I gained unprecedented knowledge in many levels of cooking from my mother a culinary chief and lover of food.  When one is able to consume the best tastes growing up,  you learn very early the importance of flavors,  tastes,  smells  and most important, the way one feels "after" the meal.    This is where I come in as a "food Farmassist."


So here's the deal:


Learn how to become Well-Thy  - through health.  You could have all the money in the world but in a deathbed


I can assist you towards the most auspicious meals for which your body should be ingesting.  

I'll come over and Feng Shui your kitchen, look to see what types of products your using and make suggestions.  


We'll meet at your local market and walk the isles together.   Always reading labels to unknown products.  Is there GMO, aspartame, fluoride etc .


Detoxing the body is a must, so we'll spend time looking over this subject.   Along with Detoxing, we'll get into the 90 nutrients and trace minerals working synergistically with vitamins and your EFAs.


Food preparation is art, science and love coming together.   It's not only about eating to live but loving what you eat!




If your looking to adjust your eating habits or insight into food consumption in general, contact me at:  or Call 215-888-6303

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Images taken from Shannon's kitchen